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Subject:Switching over...
Time:11:47 pm
Well this will be my last LiveJournal entry for awhile. I'm switching over to Xanga. I like Xanga's setup better. If I get tired of it though I might switch back. My new site will be:

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Time:04:16 pm
So I know that this is early in the month, but since it's basically the end of the semester now, and I actually have the motivation to update, I thought now was the perfect time to do my review of the year. But first, here's what I've done:

Sunday: Review session, watched the Eagles kick ass, go to church, and come back to watch the steelers game with Ang, Nicole, and Julie.

Monday: Chicken Wrap Day number 1, study group at Java city, then come back and stalk (I mean talk to Ang for a few hours...like, until 2 in the morning.).

Tuesday: Chicken Wrap Day number 2 then turn in my Thinking and Writing paper. that's it. So far this hasn't been an interesting week lol.

And now as promised, here's 2004:

2004 was certainly a unique one. It almost feels like it's been two separate years. With Sean and I breaking up, and all the drama that followed that, the Morrisville/Pennsbury merger possibility, and senioritis, the first 6 months were really crazy. I still cannot believe I let the whole thing between me and Sean get so out of hand. That must've gone on for over a month. But all that drama stopped as soon as I heard about the possibility of a merger with Pennsbury. I never realized how much I loved my school until the night that they approved looking into it. It obviously impacted everyone in Morrisville, whether they were for it or against it. I had never seen so many students at the board meetings before...kinda nice actually. Then in the middle of all that, I had an awesome senior trip (and will NEVER go down to Florida without wearing sunscreen again), a great final concert and prom, and of course graduation just made everything that happened the past 12 years completely worth it. I don't think I was ever more sure of myself and more happier than when i stood up there that night. I'm so glad we all got DVD's of it.

Then came the summer after senior year which was crazy. Ok first my car breaks down TWICE, then I start working at Wawa, then I start dating Steve. Summer really didn't last long enough. But it was a wonderful way to end an incredible first half of the year before I began school.

Starting college was really a different experience. Marching band has pretty much defined my semester here at Duquesne. Most of my really good friends are in band. That whole season was great...even with all the drama. I learned so much more about myself in these past 4 months than I did in my 18 years back home. I never knew I could handle really living on my own, away from my family and friends, but I did it. I didn't think that I could tell someone I liked them, but I managed to do that (even though I now COMPLETELY regret ever doing it...only because it made my relationship with the person VERY awkward afterwards, and it still is to some extent...oh wow I hope that person isn't reading this lol). I learned that I actually can be very outgoing and I would have more friends if I would let my crazy side show at home like I do here. I also realized that I am just fine on my own. I thought I needed a relationship while I was here, and the truth is I really don't. I'm just as happy on my own. I just can't believe that four months went by so fast.

This year has been so amazing. So much happened. I just can't believe how fast it went by. It's one of those where you just sit back, look at everything that happened, and say wow, what a year it's been. I'm so glad that I had my friends back home and at Duquesne to share this past year with. Honestly I don't know what I would do without my stalker and Jon and Kate (who listens to me EVERYDAY). And I'm so happy that I have friends who I can go back home to, like Kaylyn and Heather, and MaryEllen, and of course my fellow Eagles bud Corey. I don't know what I would do without you guys! And Steve, I don't regret dating you. It's something that I'm glad happened, and I hope that everything can work out between us. And even though the whole Jon situation isn't completely worked out, things are basically back to normal...even if it does get a little awkward at times. I'm just glad what happened didn't completely screw things up. I'll miss all you Duquesne guys over the break! And to my Mo'ville friends, I can't wait to see you all again! And good luck on finals!
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Time:06:33 pm
Well ok, how about this...yesterday as I was walking to class, I realized I forgot to get my paper that was due that day. So of course I had to go back to my room to get it...I ended up being late to class lol. After that was done I practiced my flute, then went to Chicken Wrap Day. That's always a fun time. After that was Criminal Justice. I've decided that I'm not taking the final for that class. It's just an essay, he drops the lowest grade, and I already have A's on the other three essays. So that's one less paper for me to write. Later that night was the Christmas Ball. That was quite fun. I was with Steve and Vicki and their friends Matt and Kathy. Chuck also joined us a couple of times. lol Steve spilled soda all over the table and it got all over the place. And the girls kept taking lots of pictures and driving Steve and Matt crazy. After I got back I talked to Kate for awhile, then watched t.v. and went to bed.

Today was spent with people from Kappa Kappa Psi. We went to Mercy Hospital to volunteer for their Christmas thing...and Steve attacked me with balloons. Jon of course decided that it would be fun to join in. After that we came back and sewed blankets and I STILL got attacked with balloons!!! And the rest of the group made fun of me for not being able to pump my own gas lol. It was quite a fun day. So now I'm not doing much, and I'm probably going to study soon. I'll update later.
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Time:12:04 am
I'm just going to talk about today/tonight since nothing really happened yesterday.

Today was pretty boring except for lunch with Kris, Jon, and Ang. lol those 3 always make things interesting. Then it was just classes and TEQ's. BORING! So after that I came back and tried to get some work done, then I went down to the NiteSpot for a little before the band banquet.

The band banquet was awesome. Our group acted crazy! I have to say, even though there was WAY TOO MUCH DRAMA at some points, I really will miss the people. I made quite a few friends because of band, and I hope we won't all lose touch until next fall. It certainly has been an interesting season, with long practices, people who think they control everything, after-practice barbecues, late-night bowling, all the stuff that went down between me and another band person, guys betting on my love life, and of course my stalker!

Oh and guys, I promise I'll do my review of 2004. It's getting there, don't worry!
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Time:12:54 am
Well lets see, what did I do today...NOTHING. Yesterday was Chicken Wrap Reunion Day! It was soooo nice to see the Duquesne crew again! I missed my stalker and the rest of the group! After that I basically worked for the rest of the day/night.

Today was lunch with Kris and Ang, and then I had classes. Then it was back to more work. Tonight has been insane. It has been work work work and then moderating my guestbook because of a certain person (*cough* ANGELA). This update was ONLY for my stalker, because she feels the need to know EVERYTHING about my life.

That's it for now, I'll update more later.
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Subject:She's back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Time:11:00 am
So much for updating during the break lol. I know I'll probably leave something out, but I'll try to give you a run-down of my week.

Saturday was the game...we ended up losing by 10 points to Bucknell. NOT good!!! Lol you would've thought it was a Morrisville game! Our halftime show was pretty good, we recognized the seniors, and saw a fight almost break out. After the game was over my mom and I went to the basketball game against Lafayette...well we lost by 13 points!!!! I don't know what it was with Duquesne and losing!!! After that we went out to eat then went back to our hotel.

Sunday was a long drive home. We made sooo many stops along the way. We finally got home around 2:30 (after leaving at 8). I don't know why it felt so much longer this time. Later that night my mom, sister, and I went out to Friendly's for dinner, and we watched the Eagles kick ass.

Monday I didn't do too much. Just went around town for a little bit and talked to a couple of Duquesne people. It was basically a "spend time with my family" day.

Tuesday after going to my sister's Student of the Month breakfast, I went out for a little bit...quite an adventure...lets just say traffic was terrible! Then later on that evening I got back home, and visited the Worobs for a little bit (yeah, a little bit really means 3 hours lol...but they gave me food!).

Wednesday was the community pep rally...and what fun it was! I loved going and seeing all my friends who I hadn't seen in forever! Afterwards was the dance, and it was lots of fun. Zach ended up bringing me home because I didn't have a car...my mom insisted on driving since we were going together. I got to walk around the school and look at the hallways for a little bit. They were ALL really good.

Thursday was the Morrisville/Bristol game. The chorus sang the Alma Mater, and then the game started. Um, yeah, we got KILLED...38-6...and it was sooo muddy too. I still have mud on my shoes! It was so fun to be there though. I loved it! After that was dinner with the family.

Friday I didn't do anything except pack. That was probably my most unexciting night lol.

Saturday we came back to Pittsburgh, checked into our hotel, ate dinner at Friday's, and then went to the Duquesne/Bowling Green game. DUKES WON! lol but wow the Big Band is INSANE! You wouldn't believe some of the comments that they made to players on the other team! lol it was so funny. After that we got back to the hotel and went to bed (yeah, at like, 11).

Now I'm back on campus about to fall asleep. This past week was so awesome. I'm so glad I had the chance to get away from school. Now it's non-stop work until Christmas break. Thanks for a great week Mo'ville. See you guys in 3 weeks!
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Time:12:49 am
Well this afternoon was pretty fun! Our lunch group couldn't have our usual Chicken Wrap Fridays because Options was closed. So we went to Off Ramp and ate in the NiteSpot instead. Pretty fun. Nikki had quite an adventure. Congratulations Nikki!!!!! I'm proud of you! I just hung around and talked to people until it was time to drop off my Criminal Justice paper (which I seriously spent all night working on). Erin walked me to class too! Thanks Erin! After Erin and Nikki left to go pack, I went back to the NiteSpot and played C-R-U-D with Ana, Jon, Kevin, and Ang...wow lets just say that game's very interesting...sort of like a pool version of H-O-R-S-E. Then it was time for Jon to go to class (and see his "favorite person" lol) so the rest of us just hung around in the NiteSpot for a little. I actually saw quite a few people there, including Kim, Sean, A.J. and a couple of guys who were part of the group that watched the Eagles/Steelers game. Then we went to go take Diana to her bus stop since she was leaving for home today. After that I came back to my room, did some heavy duty cleaning and packing, and talked online for awhile. Now I've seriously been up way too late, and I have a band practice that starts at 9 tomorrow!!! It's our last game though so it should be lots of fun!
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Subject:It's OVER!!!!
Time:11:13 am
Well, not quite, but it's close enough for me to get really excited about it. Yesterday was cool. I had lunch with Ang (no Kris) then class, then I was off to dinner with Ang and Jon. lol it's always an adventure with those two. After that Jon waited around for his hockey game to start (which never happened lol), and we hung around for a little bit until it was time for him to go to band. I came to a conclusion that I'm going to need a website just for things that he and Ang say. So I got back to my room, talked (I mean stalked) to Ang for a little bit, then went to movie night with Kappa Kappa Psi. After we finally got in (LONG STORY) we watched Office Space...that's a good movie lol. After the movie ended me, Mollie, Kevin, Ang, Ana, Diana, Kris, Dick, and Jon went down to the NiteSpot. lol Ang got hot chocolate all over Ana's shirt (which was actually JON'S shirt)...it was great. Then we went out to Eat N' Park for a little bit. Well, all of us except for Jon...he had to go home. It was great, even though Kris and I had to sit by ourselves because we couldn't fit all of us at one table. When I got back to the room, I just started working on my paper which I seriously spend all night working on. I took a few breaks in between, but for future reference guys, mountain dew and oreos really helps keep a person awake.

Today is CHICKEN WRAP DAY!!! I've ended up loving Fridays at 1 at Options. Then tomorrow is the football game, then I go home on Sunday. I swear if it weren't for my friends out here and the fact that I'm going home in a couple of days, this week would have been so stressful!!!

J.J. thanks for the call last night. That really made my night! I can't wait to see you!!!! That goes for all of you Mo'Ville guys...Thanksgiving is going to be AWESOME!
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Current Music:Diamonds are a Girl's Best Friend
Time:11:58 pm
Current Mood:happyhappy
Um, ok, so I guess the biggest event of my day was that Kevin O'Connor (stalker Kevin) came up to me in Java City today and talked to me!!! And I was there with friends too!!! And he insisted on talking to me about what happened between us. Well it wasn't a great conversation, and I don't feel like writing about it right now. But nothing can put me out of my good mood right now!

After that little fiasco, I ate dinner, came back to get some studying done, then I went to a study session for Sawicki's class. We basicallly just went over study skills and all that happy stuff. So that's my Wednesday right there.

Oh yeah, I like how some people back home are starting to drive me insane...good thing I'm in such a good mood that nothing can make me unhappy. Ah guy drama, what would I do without it...wow on that note, as soon as people start leaving me alone on the ONE guy issue, ANOTHER one comes up!!!! WHAT THE HECK IS THIS!!!! Well this one DEFINITELY can't work out so I don't even know why people are hoping that something will happen lol. I'm leaving this one up to that person. If he wants to start something he can tell me...I'm NOT doing that again lol...Although I do find this quite amusing...

There you stalker...are you happy now!!! I UPDATED!!! lol
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Subject:It's survey time!!!
Time:01:40 am
BLAME ANGELA!!! I got this from her lol.

1.WHAT IS YOUR FULL NAME? Tara Lynn Hutchinson
3.WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING TO RIGHT NOW? Dudes running around outside of Vickroy
5.DO YOU WISH ON STARS? Who hasn't
7.HOW IS THE WEATHER RIGHT NOW? A little cold, but not too bad
9.DO YOU LIKE THE PERSON THAT YOU GOT THIS FROM? Of course I like my stalker Angela!
10.HOW ARE YOU TODAY? I'm in an amazingly good mood
11.FAVORITE ALCOHOLIC DRINK? Whatever I had in Dave's room back in October (Jon would know this one lol)
13.HAIR COLOR? Brown
14.EYE COLOR? Hazel
16. IS THERE NO NUMBER 17? Um, stupid question
18.FAVORITE FOOD? Baked Ziti
20.WHAT DO YOU DO TO VENT ANGER? Find some place to be alone.
21.WHAT WAS YOUR FAVORITE TOY AS A CHILD? My stuffed guinea pig Coconut...who I brought with my to Duquesne
23.HUGS OR KISSES? Hugs from people who are just friends. But I'd take both if I were actually in a relationship.
24.CHOCOLATE OR VANILLA? Depends on the time of day and the season...
25.DO YOU WANT YOUR FRIENDS TO EMAIL YOU BACK? This was taken from an e-mail. But I'd like it if people e-mailed me.
26.WHO IS MOST LIKELY TO RESPOND? *another e-mail thing
28.LIVING ARRANGEMENTS? In room 420 with my roommate Kate WEED
29.WHEN WAS THE LAST TIME YOU CRIED? Full out cried? The night that a group of us spent 2 hours in the chapel...
30.WHAT IS UNDER YOUR BED? I don't even want to know
31.WHO ARE THE FRIENDS YOU'VE HAD THE LONGEST? Kaylyn, Heather, and Reilly
32.WHAT DID YOU DO LAST NIGHT? Had marching band practice, then watched the Eagles win.
33. FAVORITE SMELLS? I can't name just one thing.
34.WHAT INSPIRES YOU? Mostly my friends, for many reasons...
35.WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF? Having the last time I ever talk to someone be out of anger.
37.FAVORITE CAR? Anything from Europe but I always have liked Saabs a lot...and it's such a cool name too lol.
38.WHAT IS YOUR FAVORITE FLOWER? Roses, with daffodils as a close second.
42.WHAT DID YOU DO ON YOUR LAST BIRTHDAY? Went to a School Board meeting and watched Mrs. Emery spaz out at the board.
43.WOULD YOU RATHER READ OR WATCH TV? depends on my mood
46.PETS? 2 lovebirds (Wilson and Molly), 1 cockatiel (Bill) and my cat (Pumpkin)
47. Did you trust the current president enought to re-elect him? Yes
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